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Data Cabling for Telephone, Computer, and Network Devices in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Radcom Technologies provides a data cabling solution for the Dallas and Fort Worth area, including everything necessary to bundle, identify, route, protect, and terminate voice and data wiring. Issues such as convergence, interoperability, scalability, and continuity need to be addressed. This provides a certified IT structured wiring environment.

Today the standard business utilizes Category 5e and Category 6 wire for its computer servers, telephone system including VoIP phone system, computers, printers, Wi-Fi access points, copiers, and many other devices which connect to a customer’s Local Area Network.

Using Panduit certified structured wiring specialists, allows RadcomTechnologies to take on large, more complex designs, multiple floor, and fiber optic installations.


Category 5e
Reduces noise and signal interference. Optimized encoding allows up to 50-meter lengths to perform at or near Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

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Category 6 & 6e
Higher frequency, thicker wire, shielding, reduced noise/interference. Cat 6 handles Gb; Cat 6e is capable of 10 Gb Ethernet.

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Fiber Optic wire in single and multi-mode. Often used to connect floors or buildings that exceed the 330 foot Ethernet limitations.

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Wire termination patch panels come in 12, 24, and 48 port configuration for  Category 5 or Category 6 wiring.

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Data patch cords with different colors help identify devices and locations. Patch cords connect patch panels to Ethernet switches and other devices.

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Enclosures for secure, high density server and networking applications. Provisions integrate cooling, power distribution, and cable management.

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Ventilated front door and side panels allow generous airflow so equipment operates safely. Top and bottom panels with convenient cutouts for cable routing.

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