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Radcom Technologies VoIP Cloud-based Solution

Superior Sound Quality (QOS)
Network assessment to ensure that you’re Local Area Network meets
voice and data VoIP standards – Quality of Service (QOS)

Premium Service & Support
Complete installation and support from Radcom Technologies, Inc.

Cost Management
Communication costs as a predictable monthly expense. Radcom financing
of installation and hardware support including software support and platinum coverage

Assured Uptime
Rigorous controls for security, availability, and performance

A cloud-based telephone solution is VoIP business communications without requiring you to buy, install, or maintain an on-site communications system. With VIPedge, you get the functionality without buying or leasing the server, you simply pay an affordable monthly service fee based on size and usage.

The central intelligence of the phone system resides in a service provider’s secure data center. All you need to have on site are the end user devices such as telephones and the local network gear to connect those devices.

Free your IT talent for better things than running the office phone system, a cloud-based telephone solution can be surprisingly affordable.