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24 hours/day and 365 days/year

Radcom Technologies has been serving its clients for 37 years and works towards meeting or exceeding clients’ expectations.

The Radcom team has paved a successful road and established a reputation of excellence when it comes to providing business telephone systems.

Radcom offers three options that clients can choose from based on their service needs and associated response times.

Platinum Priority Support

Our Platinum Priority Support includes 100% comprehensive coverage of any hardware failure and the labor associated with the hardware failure. Platinum Priority Clients have urgent access to technical support, 24 hours per day. These clients receive a one to four hour on-site emergency response in Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding cities. The response times for normal requests are faster than Pay as You GO, and the coverage is very economical. This way one can budget the expense of service challenges and hardware failures with their system and receive immediate attention without an unexpected, expensive repair bill.

Platinum Priority Support is absolutely the best service with access to spare parts inventory for business office phone systems, 24 hour availability, free telephone technical support, basic remote changes, traffic studies, consulting and bill review of current carriers, and most importantly peace of mind in the event of a failure.

Pay as You Go

Pay as You Go customers have made a choice for Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM support. If you require emergency response, a service ticket will be processed, and a technical support member will contact you within one hour explaining that the telephone call is billable and will offer some options. Labor rates are higher, and emergency fees apply if required. At that point, Block Labor can be purchased. If Block Labor is purchased and paid by credit card, emergency expedited fees are waived.

When covered by Radcom’s Pay as You Go agreement, the purchase of Block Labor establishes two things. The first is that the client has paid in advance; therefore, they have made a commitment with Radcom, which allows emergency response charges to be waived and provides a four to eight hour emergency response Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Overtime charges may apply. This Block Labor can be purchased anytime and never expires.

Block Labor

Block Labor is available to both Platinum Priority Support and Pay as You Go customers in blocks from 10 hours to 50 hours. The more labor one purchases, the lower the labor rate, and the hours never expire.