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A Single Source Solution Provider for All Your Carrier Services Needs

Business communications and carrier services are no longer just a “required” cost of doing business. In today’s landscape, optimal communications services are the competitive advantage.

The telecommunications landscape can be confusing, time consuming, and unnecessarily expensive for IT managers who do not speak the telecom language. As your trusted IT and telecom advocate, Radcom Technologies speaks the language of telecom and can help your business strategize, source, and implement the best carrier services solution for your business.

Our team can also help you evaluate a cloud solution versus a premise based voice solution. Voice is a unique feature that is very important. Your client must hear you the first time. Data requests of the Internet sometimes make multiple attempts until you receive the information. That situation is not acceptable when listening to what someone is saying.

Here are some important points to consider:

  • How is your voice communications being delivered?

  • Are you in a contract with the existing provider?

  • Are you considering a cloud system as your primary voice solution?

  • What about the Cloud interests you?

  • Do you require redundant dial tone via the Internet?

  • How important is the quality of a voice call?

  • Do you require Quality of Service?

Quality of Service (QOS) manages voice communications by prioritizing the voice packets over the rest of your data traffic within your network. Radcom Technologies has the expertise to assist you with a decision by designing your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) properly with respect to speed required, prioritized voice for your cloud or premise business telephone system including mobility and security of the design.


Radcom Technologies will…

  • Become your single point of contact, managing all customer service needs and escalations

  • Give you accurate information about a cloud system, premise system, and Quality of Service

  • Understand your company’s financial desire. Do you require operating or capital expense?

  • Support you, long after the carrier sales person or sub-agent has moved on

  • Learn your business structure and goals

  • Understand your IT infrastructure


Radcom Technologies will.…

  • Review your voice and data requirements

  • Help you understand your current monthly invoice from existing carriers

  • Provide a VoIP analysis of your network if desired

  • Will implement and manage the selected solution

  • Assist and help you understand your disconnects and return of equipment

  • Review final monthly invoice from your current carrier

  • Review your first billing from the new provider and ensure accuracy

Radcom Technology’s primary goal is to ensure that you, our customer, receive the best possible solution that ensures management will be pleased with your decision. As your partner, we become an integral part of your organization.