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Today, the individuals in a company making decisions traditionally are IT management and not the owner or C-level executive when it comes to business office phone systems. This fact is important because there is no room for error when it comes to keeping your job and career on track.

Radcom Technologies protects the decision maker’s position by making sure that all details are discussed and agreed upon in advance. We want to make sure that when gathering all data about a business and how it functions internally that such information is covered with our client or potential client. All parties must understand the solutions that address their business concerns and the roles of all involved.

The following are areas that Radcom Technologies must cover to truly provide a solution and the associated financial investment:

  • Site visit and collaboration with decision makers
  • Station to station walk identifying names, positions, and extensions including a floor plan
  • A thorough discussion of current business challenges and concerns
  • Detailed discussions of the clients’ expectations and wish list
  • Understanding the decision makers’ positions and who they report to and must impress
  • Review service providers including monthly billing, contracts, and need for international calling
  • Understanding when a decision will be made in relation to pending events
  • Understanding when the implementation must be complete to meet timelines
  • An opportunity to earn the business and not just being one of many to submit a proposal

Resources available to design a solution along with establishing a plan for implementation takes time. Radcom Technologies truly wants to feel the mutual respect between the decision makers and our consultants. Therefore, by the decision makers working with our team from the beginning and providing all information required, our experts will present a solution that truly is in the best interest of the business and the customer contact’s desire to look good amongst management as well as fellow employees.

Radcom Technologies does not believe in saying “No Problem”. Whenever we hear this phrase, we know that the competitions’ knowledge of the industry is young, and they are not necessarily responsible if a problem arises. Radcom employees feel compassion when a concern arises even when the challenge is outside of their control.