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Radcom Technologies’ knowledge allows our team to diligently work with clients to identify what the business is currently doing that works and what concerns exist. We then utilize our experience to solve business challenges with functionality and powerful solutions to business office phone systems. Next, our experts demonstrate how the solutions will benefit our client both financially and by increasing productivity.

Businesses today receive many calls that need to be directed to different individuals and departments, and sometimes the caller must be put on hold. Understanding how many calls are received and the average hold time, allows managers the ability to staff intelligently. With Toshiba’s call center solution management, business can handle telephone traffic efficiently in addition to managing payroll expense by staffing properly.

A web-based Microsoft Outlook audio conferencing and desktop sharing professionalizes a company’s ability to collaborate. Toshiba’s Meeting audio and web collaboration software is a one-time fee and is inherent in the Toshiba IPedge pure VoIP phone system.

Today’s business professionals are on the move and must be available to handle daily concerns. Whether an employee is at or away from the office, a telecommuter from a home office, or a road warrior with a soft VoIP telephone, tablet, or just a cell phone, having Toshiba’s Mobility features with UC Edge and Advanced Call Manger provides the flexibility to receive calls anywhere at any time.  With Toshiba's ability to have three instances of your extension or direct dial number appear and ring, you are able to achieve true mobility. 

Unified Messaging allows a voice mail message to appear in your Microsoft Outlook at your desktop or your smartphone email. You listen to the attached .wav file via your computer or your cell phone speaker. Since you also receive the caller’s number, a user finds it easy to listen to the message and return the call quickly.

Having full administrative rights to Toshiba’s enterprise wide system administration from your workstation for your local office system as well as offices that are part of your wide area network is a convenience. This system allows your IT department to make changes on demand without having to call Radcom Technologies.

There are many companies that have multiple offices. Having your computers tied together is a common aspect of today’s business. With Toshiba’s networking software, a business can deploy the exact same functionality to its telephones where users have extension to extension dialing as well as the elimination of long distance between office and the cities those offices serve.