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Toshiba Office & Telecommuter Endpoints 

When selecting business office phone systems for your facility, you want to make sure everybody gets the features one needs but not more than one would ever use. Most users will enjoy the Toshiba Large Display telephone because all feature keys are user programmable via the web based administration. 

Toshiba offers a broad range of choices in business telephone systems. The first step to narrowing down your selection is to consider the type of phone system to which the endpoints will connect. Toshiba offers a wide full range of digital and VoIP systems to choose from. Radcom Technologies can provide your business with the best of both worlds with the highest quality products made.

For organizations looking to extend the usefulness of legacy digital telephones, the existing Toshiba 2000, 3000, 3200, and 5000 series telephones can be used when a business wants to add a pure VoIP phone system and its functionality but not upgrade all stations.


Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ system supports digital and IP communications, you can choose either digital or IP endpoints depending on user requirements.

Toshiba’s IPedge system or VIPedge cloud-based solution supports 5000-Series IP Telephones, Polycom IP telephones, and HD Conference Speakerphones.

Station users that have low traffic and or choose to combine Toshiba UCedge Advanced Call Manager, the Polycom basic telephone is an ideal choice.

For conference rooms that require multiple speakers and listeners, choose Polycom Sound Station in VoIP or wireless. Image depicts style but options exist.